The Industries Official Virtual "Procurement" Office

 Many Cannabis based companies are being shut down by Federal marijuana law enforcement. Many businesses today, forget that only companies with strong regulatory frameworks, will not be targets.  

Cannabis BUSINESS Opportunities is the centralized source of procurement information for the cannabis business community, and the standard system used to conduct business within the industry. With all the scrutiny from every facet of government and the public, the industry needs to adopt a culture of procurement transparency and participate in small business competition to gain lawmakers trust.  CannaBizOpps  has contracting processes and methods that are fast, easy, and effective  for both the CannaBuyer and industry partners (sellers). 
Our team members have specialized federal compliance knowledge in the procurement, contract and supplier management for medical equipment & supplies, construction, A/E,  R&D, OI&T, temporary staffing and professional services and so much more.  We have taken this and developed comprehensive, effective purchasing guidance specifically for the LEGAL CannaBusiness. 

Small business is an engine of economic growth and job creation and not tapping into it, delays rather promote growth. 

In 2016 U.S. consumers spent $4.9 billion dollars on cannabis products. That means $3.2 billion dollars was spent on purchasing the goods and services needed for the end user. 

Let’s face it, procurement is vital to the Cannabis industry. The uncertain economic environment, increased competition, and demanding customers have placed cannabis innovation at the heart of many CannaBusiness growth strategies. Having a purchasing process will help lower acquisition, processing, quality, downtime, risk, and supply chain cost while increasing sales by bringing services or product faster to the market, improved quality, pricing flexibility and innovation. 
CannaBizOpps is committed to helping Cannabusinesses' and  industry partners succeed in the cannabis marketplace and help legitimize the industry by creating best practices in procurement, which have a huge bottom line impact on the economy,  which in turn gain lawmakers trust.   We are aiding  industry partners in being successful in the cannabis marketplace. Our goal is to assist CannaBuyers and small business in B2B growth and establish acquisition compliance within this industry.


State and regulatory agencies and other educational institutions upon request shall be provided procurement specific information regarding transactions made on CannaBizOpps.

Streamline Technology

We provide the first e-purchasing marketplace in line with Federal acquisition standards. We also have personalized sourcing and contract services for those that do not want to deal with an online system.

Endless Opportunity for Growth

Ground breaking pioneer, both CannaBusiness and small businesses have potential to get educated,
apply and grow.