Direct Purchase

For all your supply or service needs under $3,500, obtain direct access to high quality products, equipment and services all at retail, wholesale and distributor prices. CannaBizOpps Direct, establishes long-term, cannabis wide contracts with companies to provide access to millions of commercial products and services at volume discount pricing.


Purchase & Contract Management

Cannabis Business Opportunities assist your purchasing agents or buyers with completing the buy and we manage the contract until receipt of goods or service. OR, you can use our electronic purchasing system, which does this for you, while you are in full control of the buy.


Procurement Compliance

We provide to state, city and  federal agencies procurement specific information upon request. We give you the basics in how to establish and run your procurement office, so that federal standards are being practiced.

       Yes, we save you money, time and hassle, with no compromise in quality.


       Yes, we obtain the same quality of products and services you’re currently using, for the same or less.


Specialized Services

Identifying Needs

We assist CannaBuyers with identifying replacement of an existing item or service; replenishment of stocks; or buys of a new product or services that is just available on the market. We advise on issues and challenges that other companies in their industry face.

Canna Procurement Data Report

Cannabis Business Opportunities records the purchasing behaviors of CannaBusinesses and upon request sent to city, state or federal regulatory agencies.

Post-Award Administration

Provide support in the performance of post award contract management of highly complex, special or high-visibility, or otherwise unique or problematic contracts. Assist in assessing contractor performance for compliance with terms and conditions of contracts.Perform post award contract management actions on a group of contracts. Track contractor's performance for compliance with terms and conditions of contracts and notify the contracting officer of untimely submissions based on technical progress reports and performance metrics.

B2B Networking

We have listings of businesses nationwide both in and out of the Cannabis industry.

Education & Training

We provide training to CannaBusinesses. These courses include instructions in cannabis construction and simplified acquisition procedures for today’s CannaBusiness.

Supplier Performance Management

We evaluate vendor performance,to utilize the history in the award decisions for competitive acquisitions. We provide a fair way of truly evaluating your vendor once the job is complete.

Market Research

We provide market research/analysis to determine availability of the requirement; analyze market trends, conditions and technological advances; and recommend course of action, which may depart from previous approaches

Pre-Award Administration

Our assignments involve integrating various policies, procedures and business practice functions containing a variety of complexities into contract documentation.Analyzes difficult issues and recommends course of action. Provides CannaBusiness recommendations, and provides edits to improve their pre-award documentation.

Product/Service Quality Testing

We can test products and services for free!!!

Small Business Set-Up

We help you set up your business Accounts such as: EIN, D&B, SAM.gov, VETBIZ. Basic Office Set-Up includes Logo creation, invoice, quote, T&C, tracking Microsoft database; and social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkden and Web Design & Support.

We enable independent purchasing practices, through the use of negotiation, to buy goods and services at significant savings without changing the way you normally order and receive those services and products. And, since were run by federal purchasing experts, we understand the importance of ensuring we are compliant in all our practices to continue gaining lawmakers trust towards federal legalization for Cannabis. 



We are a voice and presence at state and federal levels of government due to our domain experts in these industries. Our long-standing connections mean that we have partners working in our best interest (and yours!) to protect the integrity of procurement practices currently performed by many CannaBusinesses today. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Procurement, Contract and Supplier Performance Management?

Procurement is the acquisition of goods and services that your business needs to produce a product or service to the consumer.

Contract Management is the management of contracts made with vendors. Contract administration is performed as required to negotiate, support and manage effective contracts. 

Supply Performance Management is ensuring current, complete, and accurate information is available for use in award decisions. We provide up-to-date documentation of contractor’s ability to provide quality, on-time products and services that conform to contractual requirements. 

What is the CannaBizOpps selling?

A tool to find Cannabis Business Opportunities.

Buyer: User may post, manage and award opportunities as well as manage contracts and supplier.

Seller: User may search, monitor, retrieve and bid on opportunities. 

Regulator: User may pull procurement specific data by several factors.

What is the benefit of using CannaBizOpps?

We are a central location and the "go-to" point of entry for the solicitation, bid and purchase of ALL Cannabis Business Opportunities.

Buyer: It is easier to find suppliers and vendors in one location.

Seller: It is easier to find Cannabis industry specific business opportunities

Regulator: It is easy to monitor what the industry is buying and selling in terms of raw goods and services and see the impact on the commercial small business marketplace.

Who is the target customer for CannaBizOpps?

Our main customer are CannaBusinesses in all markets.

Our secondary customers are small businesses in any industry. 

What makes us different from our competitors?

We already have purchasing processes developed in accordance with Federal acquisition standards. We manage all purchasing request electronically “Cradle to Grave”. We have certified acquisition personnel on staff to handle all your procurement needs and education.

Cannabis Business Opportunities is interested in every type of LEGAL business opportunity for Cannabis related goods, supplies, equipment, company acquisition and service and product placement. 

Our customer's say

"You are in the forefront of this movement"
Hilary Leigh
"I do not have to worry about managing my long term supplier contracts, I know I am in good hands"
Hall Read
"What an incredible concept"
Quintin Angus
"It feels good to be able to practice something now in my business to institute best practices"
Jillie Tempest
Canna Photographer